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Short but sweet

PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 12:23 pm
by jyancey
This past weekend I took three days to do a little packraft trip on the Current river. I shuttled from Round Spring to Pulltite, crossed the river and made camp, then hiked from there through Sunklands to about two miles below Akers Ferry. I then floated back down to Round Spring. My intention was to camp on the river, but with the crowds (I know, what did I expect, right?) and the river being very fast, I got back to the takeout around 5:00. I thought I would just car camp somewhere around Rocky Falls, but driving down Hwy 106 I remembered that I have always wanted to camp on the bluff overlook on the OT about two miles north of Powder Mill. So, I quickly repacked my kit with just a few lightweight essentials and hoofed it up there. I arrived at the site about 20 minutes before sundown; just enough time to make camp and fix a simple meal. I then had the entire evening to enjoy the fabulous view from the blufftop, including an incredible show of stars and the Milky Way. The next morning I made a cup of tea, watched the morning unfold, liesurely packed up and strolled back to my truck at the floaters' parking lot.
Total "prep" time - five minutes.
Total Ozark Trail miles hiked - all of 4 miles or so
Total pleasure derived - immeasurable!