Taum Sauk trail disappears - WARNING

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Taum Sauk trail disappears - WARNING

Postby rchaider » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:58 am

I just completed a two and a half day hike of the Taum Sauk trail section. We started at the Highway A trailhead (mile 0) and finished at the Highway 21 (mile 35.2) trailhead. Generally the trail was in good shape. We really appreciated the trail blazes as they were sometimes the only way to distinguish where the trail continued on due to leaves and ground cover. There were a few places where we would have benefits from a sign or extra blaze (creek crossings and rocky glades typically), but we figured it out.

However, somewhere around mile 33 (heading towards Highway 21) the trail dumps out onto a fresh logging "road". I have not seen any comments on the map or on this forum about this. It's not really a road as much as it is just a fresh bulldozed path of destruction. I'm assuming they knocked over some of the blazes as the trail just completely disappears at that point. We went back to the last seen blaze and searched and searched. The trail just disappears. We did a big circle in the woods around that point trying to pick the trail back up. Nothing. We ended up waypointing with a compass southeast. For about two miles we followed random clearings and conversation area forest roads. It ended up working out as it dumped us out on highway 21 and we only had a short walk south on the highway to the trailhead. But this needs to be addressed as soon as possible!

Thank you to the association though for giving us an amazing hike otherwise. What a beautiful and challenging trail!
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