Reporting of OT sawyer items

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Reporting of OT sawyer items

Postby Ed Kindley » Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:51 pm

The OT has a dedicated trained crew of chainsawyers (we just added 5 more
this past Saturday/Sunday), and they love getting out on the trail to clear it
of blowdowns/deadfall etc. when such are reported. But it is hard work lugging
a chainsaw and supporting equipment on the trail, and even more difficult if
one doesn't know EXACTLY where the items to be cleared are located. A weekly
spreadsheet is emailed to our sawyers which attempts to give them generally
accurate locations for items needing to be cleared. We do this by using the
"Adopt-A-Trail segments of the Section" and trying to locate the items within
the segments. We also welcome GPS coordinates for reported items. We thank
each of you reporters who have taken time to report items needing sawyer at-
tention (you're our eyes on the trail); we would request that you be "as specific
as you can" as to exact location of items within a trail segment, so our sawyers
can access them with a minimum of effort. Thanks for your interest in the
maintenance of the OT. Ed (OT sawyer weekly spreadsheet)
PS: the "segments" of each OT Section can be found on the AAT tab, Adopter link.
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