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Latest Sawyer Status

Postby Jim » Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:55 am

Ed can you post the latest Sawyer data on this page? Lots of people buzz in and out of the site. Might be good to help keep info current.

Like say I got an email that everything I mentioned has been clean up. That could mean the post from Jan 4 regarding Middlefork DD/32 to Barton Fen is clear. However only sawyers would know that since they are the only people to receive your weekly updates. No reason we can't share the info on here.
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Re: Latest Sawyer Status

Postby Ed Kindley » Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:46 pm

Hi Jim:
Probably a good idea, but there are some logistical problems. The "OT Sawyer To-Do" spreadsheet
is done in Excel format; I've tried copying it to here directly and it doesn't format correctly. Also,
I only know that a given segment is "clear" right after a sawyer reports it, but that might only last
for a day or two (those trees just keep fallin' over without tellin' us). I don't get the AAT adopters'
reports except for my own Sections (Courtois/Trace Creek), so they may also report clear trails but
I don't get that info. I do check the OT Forum entries weekly to see what trail users are reporting.
It would be nice if a "Trails Condition Report" for ALL our trails would be posted at least monthly,
but that is not currently being done; it would entail getting ALL AAT reports and ALL sawyer reports
and combining them into a single monthly report. If we had a volunteer who would like to take
this on it would be doable, but also somewhat time-consumming. That person would have to work
closely with our AAT Program Manager and our Sawyer Coordinator to have access to the needed
information for reporting.
You might want to bring this up at the next OTA Staff Meeting. Regards! Ed
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