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Work Details:
Date of Visit:  12/02/2017
Trail Section:  Current River
Adoption Section:  CR3a - Klepzig Mill to MDC boundary
Work Completed:  Cleared trail of debris from Rocky Falls spur trail to Klepzig Mill. Cut back tall grasses and weeds in a few spots. Raked heavy leaf accumulation off of trail in areas where the path was difficult to see. Picked up trash and corrected a few trail markers.
Sawyer Needs: There are a few tree trunks and large branches laying across the trail in these locations: - Four are about 1/4- 1/2 mile south of Klepzig Mill. - Another is located at Buzzard Falls a couple hundred yards north of the falls. - And lastly, one is located about a mile south of Hwy NN right as you descend from the hilltop there. All are very simple cuts that range from 8" to 16" in diameter.
Special Needs: Could use new directional signs on both sides of Hwy NN to tell hikers to follow Hwy NN across Rocky Creek to continue on the trail. Currently there is a very crude sign barely attached on the north side of the road, and no sign on the south side. I recommend the OTA advise the National Park Service of the erosion/rutting problems noted in my General Comments and to implement a plan to correct the issue before it worsens. As a trail-adopter I've personally witnessed the deterioration over the years I've worked this section. At minimum, NPS should be enforcing the "no horseback riding" on this section since it is designated as such. I've seen consistent signs over the last 2-3 years of increased horseback riding on this trail section and it's taking a toll on the quality and stability of the trail.
General Comments: I witnessed signs of horseback riding north of Hwy NN, where muddy spots clearly show horseshoe prints. I've continued to notice over the years several stretches along this segment that are showing deeper rutting from both wild horses and horseback riding– particularly bad on the southern hillside about 1/2 mile south of Hwy NN, and along the southern edge of the field located south of Klepzig Mills. I ran into two backpackers on this trip who noted there appreciation for the OTA and their efforts in maintaining the trail. A big "THANK YOU" to whoever cut grasses along the trail from Buzzard Falls to Hwy NN, it made my job much easier on this trip.

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Paul Barbercheck Participant 6 6 0.25

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