Adopt-A-Trail Work Report

Adopt-A-Trail    Work Reports   

Work Details:
Date of Visit:  11/05/2017
Trail Section:  Between The Rivers
Adoption Section:  BR3 - Hwy C to Bristol Cemetery
Work Completed:  Cleared corridor and removed downed limbs from Hwy C west to FR 3253A (approx. mile 8.25).
Sawyer Needs: There is one large limb near mile 7.75 on the south side of where the trail crosses Devils Run. It had been cut before, but flood waters must have floated it into the trail. It is easily walked around and so not a critical need.
Special Needs: There are several places between mile 7 and 8 that would benefit from short reroutes. The trail has eroded and could easily be relocated for short stretches onto a more sustainable grade.
General Comments:

Crew Details:
Number of Participants:  1  

Crew Leader 
First Name:
Crew Leader 
Last Name:
Rebecca Landewe Participant 3 0.75 1

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