Adopt-A-Trail Work Report

Adopt-A-Trail    Work Reports   

Work Details:
Date of Visit:  10/29/2017
Trail Section:  North Fork
Adoption Section:  NF1 - Pomona Trailhead to FR 780
Work Completed:  had to hand saw a large tree that had fallen on the trail then move larger tree limbs that had fallen numerous spots threw out my section
Sawyer Needs: n/a
Special Needs: n/a
General Comments: some signs at all start and ends points would be nice some areas you dont even know are part of the ot so some five foot tall signs telling people that this is part of the trail would be great if you get me the material ill do it for free

Crew Details:
Number of Participants:  1  

Crew Leader 
First Name:
Crew Leader 
Last Name:
Josh Chaney Participant 0 0 0

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