Adopt-A-Trail Work Report

Adopt-A-Trail    Work Reports   

Work Details:
Date of Visit:  09/29/2017
Trail Section:  Middle Fork / John Roth Memorial
Adoption Section:  MF3a - CR 72 to CR 73
Work Completed:  Hiked the section out & back removing vegetation, rocks, deadfall, and several trees < 10" diameter. Used a grass whip to remove encroaching weeds in a few areas. Replaced some damaged blazes and added a few in places of need.
Sawyer Needs: About a 1 - 1.5 miles south of CR 72 there is a large (~24" diameter / 60 ft tall) tree that has fallen longwise on the trail. Approximately 40-50 of trail are covered. Users have created a bypass that is easily negotiated. I believe it would be considerably less work to move the trail than to try removing this monster.
Special Needs:
General Comments: Trail is now in great shape with the exception of the one tree mentioned above.

Crew Details:
Number of Participants:  1  

Crew Leader 
First Name:
Crew Leader 
Last Name:
Bob Hoffman Participant 4 4 0.5

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