Adopt-A-Trail Work Report

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Work Details:
Date of Visit:  09/23/2017
Trail Section:  Eleven Point
Adoption Section:  EP4a - Greer Campground to Duncan Hollow (River Route)
Work Completed:  Cutting back vegetation and removing logs. Located and flagged parts of trail before the big flood of 2017.
Sawyer Needs: The north part of this section needs rerouted and cut out through an area damaged by the flood. Estimate about 0.2 mile.
Special Needs: I forgot my GPS unit so the relocation distance is an estimate. I will get back down in the next week and get GPS tracks. The new route will need trees that bent over from the flood cut as well as a few logs that drifted in.
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Crew Details:
Number of Participants:  1  

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Crew Leader 
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Dan Childress Participant 4 0.5 0

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